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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  June 12, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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conditions and at bridge editions averaging about 8 mi. from our and general it was sent away for the rest of the evening by 5:00 a.m. patched a.m. fog in the coastal areas but that should burn off in the afternoon hours 58 is a low of 4:07 a.m. to the saddle and read us so should the system that brought the rain showers out of the area is a hi rich pressure system in place right now that is the cause of the heat that we have in the and locations the patchy coastal fog the result early this morning but for the most part nice clear skies and the east bay location the wind speed is picking up to 20 m.p.h. and oakland 13 for hey were 30 mi. from our for concord as well servicing out of fairfield 50 m.p.h. and the more you to see san francisco and the peninsula alone, with the wind speed as six cash and half and then to moscow for san francisco your wicked forecast looks like this 94 to mar 97 and then the cool things down by monday at 86 but not that much with the court out i will talk about the court on this the core
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of the rest of the week in the next 74 test. >>catherine heenan: seat in the hands of bankers reminders of how you can prevent heat related problems pretty obvious but worth repeating it could because of the water and blue was some weren't like clothing and sanskrit do not leave children and pets and a parked car pace yourself if your work or working out to still have a link with detestable our web page to >>catherine heenan: the warriors are back in the bay area and the evidence of our partnership with abc seven the team arriving at the oakland airport this afternoon if thorough effort by steve kerr is broken us today and gave four of the finals of the series tied at two games apiece. >>gary: there was suspense last time have they lost but this is true to quit in sight on their arrival time almost they're
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better for practice they're better at everything you can stay just rest in the same city where they just play the game guest as a new thing you want to dispense? good of the real suspense last at the warriors' loss it would have been all but curtains last 9 steph curry sting and he admitted to lie he was not going to start that is what it told the media abroad james cutbank said on the camera and look like he was let out and did not have and he went down play his first of the season perry was good when and and they won last night in cleveland and now they're coming home and trying to go up on sunday night 3 to. >>: every playoff game is like a precious moment every possession and every time you have to be locked in and pay attention in the adjustment and a wedge is reeling with go try to do
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whatever it takes to win big bulbs and five and zero state is not that big. >>gary: 21 think i have all come quick and tomorrow and he will have two days' rest were in as an just one day in between so if the war is a non they have won some people think the tide has turned the will give you one quick one my friend told me that the oldest warrior fan who was a hundred and 5 and everyone efficient and 106 today there was a good birthday present for her less even in my among
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woodward's. >>catherine heenan: get five sunday at or corporate and back to cleveland for a gain six unnecessary gained 7-will be back here in the bay area. rob black been rebuilt >>grant lodes: a good seat and the cheapest seat $806 on. >>grant lodes: most expensive
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seat for game 5 sunday night to add or coretta is $65,000 for first row seat at a game one in oakland of china also would pay $58,000 for a single ticket with the end san money here in the bay area and the tech bloom all the other business people can afford rent and buy houses some people can the bumper centers to you by see a lot of them portside maybe abroad for some of them on sunday night to more than 1400 tickets are available on is the public is not like they're a lack of inventory come if you have a ton of money it should be amazing on sunday night but bar if it would be
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special to be that our is cover scheme is online at our website a look at the what started happening and the bay area sunday night the lettuce and abuse from players and coaches her also san sharing pictures what they recall the the in their chase to a championship would love to see yours. >>catherine heenan: police say that he had been sleeping in his car at the 580 lakeshore exit they say that he had a gun line on the passenger seat at the present of the naacp and washes and is accused of possessing herself as a black woman when
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she is in fact quite as are all parents save that russia is caucasian and then she had misled herself for years many post and public appearance she is represented herself as an african-american and putting in applications for a police commission job kron 4 paris and she grew up in a predominately white monte auction and of ourselves and the committee when she was in college and the second she was conceived when sen by reporter about the facebook so-called african- american men felt she claimed was from them by--her father >>: are your parent wide. >>catherine heenan: they're checking to see if she violated any policies.
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>>haaziq madyun: is this unprecedented? do you recall the case like this i stop by drops of george holland senior edge of the president of the oakland branch of the n.a.a.c.p. to get his stuff about the controversy surrounding the racial identity of the president of the cigarettes organization she has the story to tell now has also heard being accused of misrepresenting her identity on application for a prominent police commission for the past
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106 years the n.a.a.c.p. has had no racial qualifications for membership she is interested president of that branch of the naacp as anybody else when it comes to how she handled this dunstable or racial background the attorney said instead of the cigarettes cali ride away from the issue face up to there's no need to hide. >>catherine heenan: we know when
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the biggest stretch of road leading to the golden gate bridge will be shut down for construction will be live with the details and brand information on the manhunt for two escaped killers the arrest of board is just announced and the ntsb releasing initial report on a deadly plane crash in the east that.
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>>catherine heenan: the supply but the golden gate bridge and i pretty fog at the moment but we know now what a busy stretch of road leading to the bridge is
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one to be shut down >>charles clifford: a rigidly this section of the will drive right behind me is on to be closed down and deal because of a computer glitch and some of the safety that had to happen in july last take a look at the video is expected to decline on july 9th at 10:00 p.m. the evening it will continue for seven and nine hours until monday july 13th at 5 and one of the cruise will need to the house portion of the old the store and reconnected move the roadway on to the new presidio park went to when this all done drivers and commuters coming off and on of the golden gate bridge will build to use the parkway and four tunnels also the connector with the closer we years between 101 and highway one those will then be reopened also couch and is asking that the commuters and driver basically avoid this area of.
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but where >>: asking motorists to avoid the areas drive to closure back live after this closure there will be no more closures and that crews will need to remove that detour >>catherine heenan: a bit track closure is happening this weekend they're being encouraged
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to take bart to the chp is investigating an accident that killed the driver over my on the about 101 in san jose a subaru station wagon veered off road and crashed into a tree caught fire the firefighters responded to the san and found a body and the driver seat the driver's name has not been publicly released with that new details from the plough small plane crash earlier this month near livermore 75 you're michael filled of pleasanton was killed on the plane crashed in the field at the end of hartford average of. >>catherine heenan: a report from the national transportation safety board says he had been reporting problems and control the plane.
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>>reporter: temperatures in the inland locations that pretty hot today look at the blue skies or from the east bank the temperature still at 100 degree mark for antioch 97 livermore 95 lead to 97 for concord 68 for richmond 73 for oakland much cooler on the peninsula and the coastline san francisco currently at 71 degrees there you have a high ridge persistent and place as was given as the temperatures in the '90s even on hundreds of parts of the inland location will have another court down and placed on a low pressure meccas way into our region come this weekend by sunday in fact it was dropped to the to down slightly not by much accord on is in place and here's what looks like tomorrow as the progress of the saturday afternoon by lunchtime look at that the indication of fred 90 mark for the and the locations to talk a little more san jose
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fairfield even in the ninth is by noon time and then we get to 3:00 hour was also the rest of the time i nine is for the inland location and then the upper 80s for oakland hayward as well. >>reporter: with a low pressure system and our area forecast so by the way the giants take on the diamondbacks to my first pitch 715 the to the judge for tonight's game 57 degrees around game time a few clouds and bridge it winds about southwestern to 50 mi. per hour maybe light sweater jacket you want we headed out to the game tonight. >>catherine heenan: officially sugary soda are think of the past at san francisco general hospital the hospital today removed or should a sweetened drinks from the machines the gift shops and then on to offer with patient males supporters
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said the sweet drinks contribute to problems like obesity and diabetes the only options now are things like water or milk and i sold a certain fruit juices the ban even extends to the food trucks and vendors on the hospital campus the senate failed to pass it cyber security measure yesterday and fell just four votes short and is the third time in as many years that a bipartisan effort to deal with the problem has failed that measure will help push companies to allow federal investigators access to the computer networks have in the records and a stunning defeat the house to represent sales have voted down president latest trade plan them sick and a good enough votes even from his own party if. >>reporter: for president president obama a plan to change american trade policy fall short attempted to set a series of trade bill that will allow
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the white house to negotiate a sweeping trade bill that would only go to concord for copper down vote it would have opened the door to a bill similar to the north american free trade agreement with countries in the pacific rim proposals many of the social democrats opposed democrats or the bills will not provide enough protection for american workers president obama cannot even convinces longtime ally minority leader nancy pelosi. good >>reporter: house speaker john banners side with the white house believe in the bill was necessary for the u.s. to remain competitive in the global economy today the best idea is to vote yes but to call democratic fears the trade legislation include a program called tea and for workers that make and of this place when a new trade agreement becomes a reality that bill failed and was
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necessary for a whole package to be passed. >>catherine heenan: secretary of state john kerry was released from the hospital today he is at his boston home broke his finger last week you might remember he was riding his bicycle in france he was in europe for talks on a random in a program when he was injured he was taken to switzerland for initial treatment and then flown to boston for surgery. >>catherine heenan: our top brass segment will meet a bay area teenager on a mission to make a difference and save lives in the process later does of cracking cause earthquakes and expert tries to. set the to.
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i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you >>catherine heenan: on the verge of registration tonight's top grad and strom san ramon california high marine kelly said she is following her heart when it comes to choosing.
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>>maureen kelly: she says an interest in being archer to start with her all she was born with the nine tombs of heart was ruffed with low and a regular heart rate card rates so low that when she was in the warm her mother's doctor and india of she was going to be stillborn she said the tumor stated as she grew by her passion never wavered have always been fascinated by the heart as an organ itself and to learn about the different aspects that it can do all the different commissions is about to be able to turn her fascination into a skill that helps people and people but indeed it heart surgery than they feel that they might not be able to make it and to help someone restore their hope i think it will be really great feeling she is already giving hope it's just include a
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merger prepared last at the graduate from california high school one of the academic all stars but the top brass has getting caught mark has and always been easy for her progress she was able to plan a lot of pleasure and a year at the red light is needed to stop worrying about our grades and taking care of herself first grade to the approval along with our health.
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>>catherine heenan: the ballparks premise of the different ways to cut back on water use because of the drought and at&t park and now the grass is a big project for groundskeepers because they're watching for days when they can cut back an overnight watering on the filled with rows series champion giants play the ball park also considering asking fans to clean up there on so the spills that is after they parted decided to power washed every other day and self every game authorities out in force still looking for two escaped killers almost all police now have behind bars.
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>>catherine heenan: a dramatic development in the longest prison manhunt in newark history to colors on the loose for a seventh day in their alleged accomplice is a prison employee use your left and tonight she is herself behind bars. >>grant lodes: they ran into a
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nation that she had some role in that and now prosecutors are saying yes she in fact did help the guys there reportedly been cooperating with investigators telling them a little bit more each day about her involvement with convicted killers today authorities decided they had heard enough our interviews with john smith to have been fruitful and productive we decided to charge her tonight and move on the other aspects of the investigation and provide a hacksaw blade to drill bits and special eyeglasses requested to land tools possibly to pull the lever jailbreak a week ago investigators are looking at her husband who also worked at the prison the piece together what happened before the break out new clothes are torn about whether officials might be right
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now tracking dogs pick up a cent at a gas station and sandwich shop suggesting that there may have been dumpster diving for food decide is not for outside the prison walls and is impossible to tell when the men might have been there there is no time stamp on a scent so it is very easy that the collapse without a hundred law enforcement officers are calling it provides for miles of heavily wooded terrain they're out there and probably miserable and is in writing and they're hungry does to people desperate things people in surrounding towns and install all week as an to helicopters buzzing overhead and watching armed man crisscrossing their neighborhood schools are closed playgrounds are empty the torch and roadblocks make it tough to get around a lot of people are to stay inside some people talking about how the have guns ready in case they run
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into these guys the hope is the rain and the lengthy time that they've been out of prison maybe hunt could play a role as these guys may become out and do something that allows authorities to capture them as of right now the massive manhunt continues to walk the very latest on this to build store tonight the communications director asp 64 is stepping down the supposedly a voluntary move. >>terisa estacio: their recent accuse 94 officials and five other people of racketeering they're still play after being arrested last year for allegedly assaulting her half-sister and nephew the charges were dropped the prosecutors are appealing
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and the espn says the stock officials did not talk to solos will details before deciding not to suspend her chin in the u.s. played her second broke up a game tonight against sweden. >>reporter: is free hot in that location the wind speeds in the east shoreline is many the factor of 50 mi. our it team out in fairfield 12 mi. off our for concord everything else happens is when the peninsula is pretty calm and the wind speed to the rest of the evening 86 for pitts
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producing most of the sun shine in the east back in one location and then move on to the east bay shoreline the sea is going to be mid-70s senate three oakland and san injured 81 castro valley 72 alameda 60 at the richmond south with temperatures in the mid '80s looks like a five campbell 82 for san jose lost edition get above 83 and most of the sun shine in this location as well '85 summer feeding out to napper the weekend nice 184 and apple 75 and level there you have a pencil as well low seventies to mid '70's in redwood city and san the sale reason the seven forecast looks like this accord on the place come monday for one day and then they returned to their. >>catherine heenan: over the past two years have been from concerns over refracting a
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message of getting oil out of the ground using high-pressure mix of chemicals and water and some people worry that practice can trigger earthquakes trawls clifford talk to geophysicist who argues is not true. >>charles clifford: usgs research geophysicist justin rubenstein says that since 2009 there's been a dramatic spike in the number or quite a car to the u.s. did not have very little seismic activity, we think most or all of this chiasmus has changed increase in the central u.s. is coming from what is known as induce earthquakes or man-made earthquakes he says there is a widespread misconception that hi janet front during is causing these earthquakes the oil companies
5:35 pm
pump incredible amount of waste water into the ground is a the problem is that we have so many in nasa a chronic quick stock is a for judges like the one here in usgs to differentiate what canada's earthquake and one that has occurred naturally in fact there is a and the diagnostic tool that we have to say at this a quick was induced earthquake was not induced is a much more challenging problem rubinstein's optimistic that the oil and gas industry and scientific committee and government regulators can were together to minimize this and is the quake's.
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>>catherine heenan: in a day on the demolition of candlestick park and to store as got a lot of people talk think the president of the naacp in washington under fire for allegedly lying about her race to achieve our our position.
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>>catherine heenan: a lot of
5:39 pm
people are talking about the naacp transracial controversy creating a social media firestorm that insiders at joins us with more from los angeles. >>reporter: what a store one of the organization's leaders accused of lying about her race is a rehearsal for ride to cover price is a story that this trend in all of the world this morning are welcome to the tried the cbs news and tv people ask us weekly enthralls social medium people have been left dumbfounded as to why this naacp leader is abreast active is what mr. this is a soap as black our parents have come forward with
5:40 pm
proof that she was for white. >>: daughter is primarily german and european descent so she is caucasian. >>reporter: in a got a moment that when by road or reporter in boca and washington confronted a 37 your with awful lot of an african-american male previously identified as a father clearly stunned by the pointed question will press for the she walked away there's so much more developing on the store will have all free tonight at 7 on the insider. >>grant lodes: it is a bizarre
5:41 pm
situation that prompted so many people on social media if you know how it would do these days the naacp between out a statement saying this is the tweaked that the answers to defend her and that they and a regular folks pleading as well like she is harmful and trying to sensationalize the concept of the transracial as something acceptable when it is not not everyone up in arms at this person says the issue was to pretend like she's black let her there were about the wrong things in another twist says if i see another why can't rachel b transracial if caitlin jenner is transgendered i've was a flood of bad of the internet.
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>>catherine heenan: it was once the home of many memories in the bay area now candlestick will show the former. former
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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>>grant lodes: if you want to get one last glimpse the time is not just a couple of sections unless you can see one of them right here the demolition of the giants and the niners coming down you concede the work going on as we speak the process started in november and they're behind schedule their about three-quarters and were from the demolition right now once the entire the venue is leveled the diapers of the building housing a retail and parking in the project is expected to be open for business and about two years from now unlocked candlestick
5:46 pm
the continued he'd according to usa today it used to be the home of the raiders of course until they move back to oakland and 95 the raiders and chargers are backing a joint stadium and carson which could be ready in 2018 that is about 20 mi. south of downtown los and liberators from the year to year lease at the oakland coliseum which means separateness given any time. >>catherine heenan: the message to saddam had broken that during the a's red sox game at fenway park she is in good condition and all the hospital into rehab doctors yesterday say that her condition had improved from tear to good a 44 year-old injured
5:47 pm
badly john fitch when she was hit in the head and face second inning of the game is that broke and pieces of it went sailing into the seats you can see as she was taken out again she has been released from the hospital but will spend some time in rehab major-league baseball is reevaluating fan safety at stadiums. >>reporter: lot of sunshine in hot temperatures and leaks for the east bilocation to clear skies and the east bay and and the location as well speaking of hot temperatures we did write some markers official numbers are in the more or to date one 01 the record 99 degrees concord the record of 101 and also broke out as well san francisco and oakland and apple not so much a became close of brought to the judge pronounced a pretty warm in some locations 98 in fairfield 97 and the more the east bay shoreline 73 oakland 81 hayward 65 richmond and in san francisco to finance a 62 dated 661 half moon bay in
5:48 pm
san francisco at 68. >>reporter: it was what to expect for the rest of the evening by 10:00 p.m. breezy conditions southwest winds about 2 mi. per hour to the to men and insidious 65 degrees by 5:00 a.m. patchy morning fog in the slot to start today will have that again tomorrow morning and then gradual coloring into the mid morning hours and the like this for a satellite radar a pretty much a high ridge pressure system in place that is the hot to the to wheel that in land and also the one to the judge in the east asian ally as well to look to the size of the tech on the arizona diamondbacks first pitch at 715- bit to 7 degrees around a few clouds breeziness out what about 7 1/5 in moscow our if you're on a to be enjoying some baseball tonight the giants against the arizona diamondbacks the afternoon highs more to put this in place but was still pretty worn out and the more 94 antioch 8890 pleasanton 85 fairfield up in a no. 85 for
5:49 pm
santa rosa for headed to now will be a good day for clear skies 84 degrees tomorrow san francisco's 7156 and this city for half moon by >>reporter: the 74 cast we all have one more day in the mid-90s i should said 94 for inland and saturday 84 east bayshore line and then sunday will have nine is in accord on monday of bed on monday at 86 degrees before the '90s creep back up again come when stake thursday. time for the tech report with gabe slate >>gabe slate: here is a device that facebook says will change video gaming and socially if ever this is the first look at the oculus the rest of virtual reality headset this is the consumer edition that will become to market this is going to change everything gamers have been dreaming of this if we all been dreaming about this for decades it is finally here
5:50 pm
oculus risk is going to deliver the magic of presence the killing of actually being there really truly believing that you are there bryan flood the switch the are enables to experience anything anywhere is the powerful you build teleport to different worlds for the first time we will finally be inside of the game this is oculist touch these are going to take a virtual reality game into the next level we want to deliver have presence the sense of feeling as though the virtual have are actually your real hands get to play games with the rest with these wireless had controllers to let you feel the pressure world. >>gabe slate: or you can use the free x box 36 to control that will come with the gaming system it does not to structure is it also tracks his ears and had settled has built-in high quality had from steamer's you and the richer reality of the had settled for a gain in first and comes out on the market was
5:51 pm
shortly after that will offer new ways to watch movies and tv shows since the the the the social media aspect for the virtual experience there is no person gift for the rest or exact release date but it is coming out early next year. >>stanley roberts: coming up the county of san mateo and the city of belmont are trying to get people from going one particular thing i would explain the next edition of people behave badly.
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>>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: there's the problem non-specific to bay area the problem on the last is what these two men in the city of belmont are about to do their smoking cigarettes which by itself does not consider behaving badly is what they do when they're done smoking a guest to talk about of the ground and leave them there than they did in the car and drive away and that is when the behaving badly part starts allow it to explain that no idea the road which reads please do not drop in drive solution for local waterways which the fall of an arm hanging out of the automobile this is a sacred but
5:55 pm
only a few inches from the storm drain which has a button that reads no dumping close to bay which is something many people still this they fail to comprehend and at the side of the train was a use was a package as a separate but ask the question the u through so i told one of them something that should investing to be aware of that is a start against cigarette butts and the chemicals and consent to talk to to see life and the water they live and so the city of beaumont avicenna telecom a
5:56 pm
water pollution control program with a grandmother from comerica beautiful put the but what they belong to all quit smoking i guess not to mention the fine for flicking a cigarette butt is a thousand dollars and belmont stanley roberts kron 4 >>catherine heenan: to the sizzling market for heading outside to enjoy the sun were begging bed and how long can expect a nice what to stick around and a prison employee now has been arrested as two convicted killers are still there is a massive manhunt new developments at 6:00.
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>>catherine heenan: the california drought is on the minds of president obama and will allow us the officials tonight as the weather is warming up again california is ordering of big water cut for farmers to have the straw was what all right and federal agencies today released tens of millions of dollars and more water a to seven states including california this follows a meeting between president obama and western state leaders who but we begin tonight with how bay area residents are coping with less water and more heat alicea reed has the story from the south bank. >>reporter: is still the brutal it is a beaming and is tied literally waited in the shade of a to the time to stand in front of the cab might. alicea read: these people or
5:59 pm
smart enough and call off in the water as you can see behind me july from depaul and slid down twice had on the greens like it and all those ride to sometime the line to a pretty long what people did not really care much they awaited until it was their time because all that mattered was getting end and having backed water hit their skin. >>reporter: and that broke the
6:00 pm
temperature of the couple said is little more got to 101 today and the record is 99 but broke the woodcock got tonight denied the record was 94 other cities and not but not so much 83 today she said francisco top of the 73 the record is 80 degrees so we have the court found in place with the first to close for tomorrow look like this it will be 99 for antioch monday for fairfield the is to ensure line 74 open at what the hell was 66 for rich and as usual the coastline a lot: 6 into this city in half more than 60 for sentences of up a map of the '80s to head out for the weekend will talk about we have a court out of plans and how long the west along coming up in the 74 task. >>catherine heenan: the federal agencies are plunging another $110 million and dropped a including the huge california
6:01 pm
and all this money follows a talk that president obama had the day with governor brown and leaders and six and a state their hair down had these cells. >>grant lodes: there been funding and an additional funding and california specifically is getting $80 million for temporary jobs program people is to help people of lost their jobs because of the drought in addition to california the states benefiting from the additional aid and as follows is not as carlotta wyoming montana and utah and oregon and $30 million is part of this aid package will go toward informers make sure they do not lose crop insurance because of low production from the drought in the you would go toward reducing the threat of wildfires we have more specifics on our web site and our drought covers continues on line we have links on how you could conserve water at home also how you calculate your water use that track a lot on the restrictions and this month
6:02 pm
for bay area towns and they vary by location we also had tips on what cities are best equipped to survive the drop all that is just a click away >>terisa estacio: we're talking about the northern half of dolores park is in fenced off construction began more than a year ago but the fences are coming down next week. >>maureen kelly: they're hammering out of final details of the large part of the wife buy equipment is being installed and anti graffiti coating is being spread and concrete services that are still on the new benches you can see the turf has been ruled out with new drainage and irrigation from forming like in years past the basketball courts a nearly ready to go but some of the best new additions to the park or on
6:03 pm
right here new bathroom's and lots more than before about half of those will be ready to go by the time the section of the park opens up next the bathroom sorties since the mind just to the epic and public urination of for compliance the have been a common sight + the businesses around a tree are joining us is not on a to be a magic on pollution we are all off in the long haul next thursday at the same day the fences come down to the people inside to experience
6:04 pm
the north side renovation of the fence will or around the south side for the next phase of the overhaul the entire $21 million mission a part renovation is expected to be complete and fall of 2016. >>catherine heenan: trawls clifford is live in san francisco and has details. >>charles clifford: because of a computer glitch was on the safety systems and the talk they had to the lead that was shut down in mid july take a look at the graphic so i can tell you when is one to begin on thursday july 9th at 10:00 p.m. the closure will continue on to july 13th at 5 and a morning to be cleared the golden gate bridge will remain open and accessible
6:05 pm
via highway 1 north and south on of the bridge once they close the sectional or crew will begin in their and the lawless some of the temporary toward a been placed the last couple of years and move them onto almost completed for presidio park way the product is in the works since 2009 we're told that this will be the last major shut down this is the last for closure best expected of a wheel drive there may be one small our long closure after this but this is the last closure once disclosure is completed the drivers will be out on the presidio park were going through those new titles also connected from 01 and is a matter of cleaning up the mess..
6:06 pm
>>catherine heenan: his that he has the latest in their chase to the championship. >>grant lodes: if they had to run last night it was not technically an elimination game but i had to even this thing up to have real shot a tough line through the night after less nice big when the warriors out to get a decent night's sleep at the hotel in cleveland and then hop on the charter flight this morning >>: and early this afternoon in oakland you can see them here as david lee walking to his car and democracy of the helicopter partnership with abc seven news the warriors still pretty good about themselves after last night's big winner this was a big story during the game lebron james aims to put a little bit by andrew boat is the the id his head it initially said he got a group shut and he said it did have some stitches but he should
6:07 pm
be ready to go he started for the first time scoring 22 points and grabbing a bourse's first part of the season game 5 is going to be sunday night at or call gary is one to have the very latest on what this means coming up tonight at about 645. >>catherine heenan: a strong reaction about the naacp president and washington after her true identity is revealed in new york too dangerous inmates are still on the land a woman who met help them now behind bars helleri contend revving up her campaign for president from new york this coming weekend.
6:08 pm
6:09 pm
6:10 pm
>>catherine heenan: and left one person dead on northbound when one has happened in san jose is a triumph for of a subaru station wagon veered off to a request to treat and caught fire the firefighters responded to the scene found a body and the driver seat the driver stan has not been publicly released the of the first-ever of the season effect it was now by risk has been found in more and it was the crew found in novato that infection can spread from birds and other animals to people the was not a cause as the fighters flew like symptoms even death official said the dead birds are the first
6:11 pm
indicators of a problem and the a valuable tool in protecting public health when we continue helleri clinton is releasing a new touchy-feely video the deception that has the nation talking about race and identify
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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>>catherine heenan: she was suspected of helping the escape of two killers is behind bars tonight we're talking about joyce mitchell she's been arraigned about all she details are still a large grant lotus has been falling the strange story. >>grant lodes: the search now in the seventh statement and the longest prison manhunt in new york history of the big news the rest of 51 your wife and mother for allegedly supplying the escapees with tools that is so that they can talk their way out of the maximum-security prison a
6:15 pm
criminal facilitation for a degree in class a misdemeanor authorities say they supplied the escapees would tax all the late drill bits and eyeglasses with lights on them to support it told investigators that she was friendly with both the man are some come she was supposed to be waiting in a car for them when they emerged from a man all about a block from the prison and she clearly had a panic attack and that would to a hospital she could get up to seven years if she's convicted of the most serious crime and be a center for the charges may be filed at a later date. >>catherine heenan: it has triggered a very strong reaction across the country on the cover has been blown on the president of local naacp and spoke and enters the she is a white woman who has been posing as a black woman she has the remarkable
6:16 pm
story of deception >>reporter: to argue african- american? it all came crashing down for naacp president rachel dollars all who had been portrayed herself as a black woman for the past 10 years confronted by a reporter her parents are now calling her out of they say that 37 your daughter is white or ethnicity hours switch german and czech and some men americans to provided this total of her as a young girl on my left on the right here is what she looks like today she grabbed a poor
6:17 pm
family why montana but her parents said she ever saw self in the black community and she attended college in jackson mississippi her parents had also adopted for black children she's always been interested and ethnicity and diversity and we have many friends of different ethnicities when she was growing up so it did not start with the four adopted children of color it was probably at the attitude of her passion she even receive a full scholarship to the historically black colleges howard university was never inquired about and the city of application they say they became an estranged from their daughter was she began to assume a new black identity she married an african-american man with home she had a son who post of
6:18 pm
the deal about their loved later she would post facebook to of one per adoptive brothers as own son of first national curls and identified herself for my job application as part black professor of after coniston is insisted was a university she was clear it was a question of death threats and reported hate crimes against our and her family was less on investigation questions about her race in january the chapter of the naacp post a picture of her standing beside the this black man who claimed was her father's. >>reporter: could not visit her because he was battling lung cancer they have reaction from a
6:19 pm
bay area president of local naacp >>reporter: for the past 460th naacp has not had a racial qualifications for membership is up to the branch to decide whether to not to remove part as president and missouri a police case mix with our need tens the ratio of a strong adult daughter of a police officer was made all walking along of our our street and friends she has the story from university city missouri >>reporter: as the moment she was sprayed with mace and write in the middle of the low to set it all happened when police told her and her friends that were
6:20 pm
blocking the sidewalk she is the daughter of a police officer and says they taught her to comply with police request within the moment she was based on what other started shouting water when a search he was complying at the end of the day at should be able to wait for my friends but whatever he asks me to do i was i did i want to please the find out why this group was asked keep moving to refuse to talk to me on camera was said there is a city ordinance about blocking the sidewalk on a friday night there are dozens of people on the sidewalk they said
6:21 pm
they mated) movement and then resisted i hope you guys enjoyed the heat in the sunshine of doors today pretty mild warm and and and vocational decisions antioch 94 for livermore and it for fair share and 96 over a conflict they specialize in one focus of if i were here is how the rest of the evening will play out for you breezy conditions averaging about 10 mi. our our and the southwest 75 degrees 65 for an unsettling
6:22 pm
rare showing you just a high ridge pressure in place, but oakland of the more hey were san rafael and san mateo as to get into lunchtime indications of red even san jose and parts of napa and the '90s the peninsula as well as 3:00 tomorrow morning the court on and place on sunday morning. >>reporter: it is about an hour from now 67 degrees should be a few clouds in the side a bit of
6:23 pm
a handful of mid-50s and looks like for the peninsula san francisco area and will have the full 74 past, just a minute. >>catherine heenan: it is the 7879 the city for a rehearsal footage of the vietnam airlines plane making some incredible moves over mots like washington as will part the plane making it almost vertical takeoff will be right back.
6:24 pm
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>>catherine heenan: just a couple of sections are left as demolition of the giants a 9 a stadium clatters on the process
6:27 pm
began in november the crew acted behind schedule but that about three-quarters of the way through the demolition was candlestick is leveled it will be building housing retelling and retail space and parking the project is supposed to be open for business in about two years such as women's rights have it is that a violation of human rights when the babies are denied food or a supplicated simply because they are born and a former sec to their state is also using social media and she signed up as the applause and
6:28 pm
about her campaign wardrobe still ahead and a closing date for the oriole drive leading to the old it bridge san francisco starts at summer with loaf vicki liviakis have a dining suggestions for the weekend >>stanley roberts: people behaving badly coming up next ♪ ♪ ♪ it took tim morehouse years to master the perfect lunge. but only one attempt to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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>>reporter: in san francisco the park employees are putting finishing touches to the renovation of the north side of the lord's part in addition to new ventures local businesses
6:32 pm
also wanting the campaign to help get the message across that leaving clear behind is not ok the grand opening will be next thursday june 18th of the same day the south side renovation began. >>reporter: here in san francisco have learned a couch have plans on sitting down the wheel drive starting on thursday july 9th at 10:00 p.m. and remain close on monday july 13th at 5 and the morning they need to get in here and models for some contemporary roadway and move track onto the new permanent the city apart once the closure is completed drive is committed to build to use all for the two tunnels was on and off ramps a high one that had been closed for several years. >>reporter: what do you do when it is a really high and the kids are home for the summer you take the two water parks that is what do people on out in the pool are
6:33 pm
waited in long lines just to get a feel of the cool water on their skin coming up will find out. >>reporter: as '90s will take place again we saw the hon this today but tomorrow will be pretty hot 95 and read what trout like we will not see to what is in the four cast a pretty hot it its walnut creek more of the mid '70s low 80s will be cash about 75 family of the senate to admit this extent richmond and 83 out in fremont and over to the south bank a lot of the location as well 854 evergreen morgan hill and a gate and 83 in cupertino averaging about 87 degrees again
6:34 pm
we have one more day into the '90s that was stated that in the forecast in a few seconds here and another that will get to the mid '80s if you get up to now 84 expected to far as i as well the plan is always filled cooler colors like the low seventies to may be in upper seven as well before past 94 tomorrow 90 sunday but i will indicate monday but. >>vicki liviakis: you do not have to be of the gentle old maid would plant and millenniums as a beautiful job will fed a longtime san francisco 7 millennium closed and as replanting itself across the bay
6:35 pm
and oakland for rock ridge neighborhood much to the delight of local diners you cannot match them anywhere else they know what they're doing he is still the chef that means no animal are hurt in the making of millennium dishes because it is not a vegetarian and no and it is our dairy either can you make a really that or to of the in desert his will to delicious
6:36 pm
light dishes like this had to restrain transfer millennium should thrive half and is no need to bay dig them.
6:37 pm
my name is peter tran. i'm a gas service representative. i've been with pg&e nine years. as an employee of pg&e you always put your best foot forward to provide reliable and safe service and be able to help the community. we always have the safety of our customers and the community in mind. my family is in oakland, my wife's family is in oakland so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in, customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california.
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>>catherine heenan: and is about to remove some believe it is because he made a joking reference to free-fall officials as criminals and did it on television the u.s. justice department did teresa accuse 9 ft. from officials and five other people of racketeering wire fraud and money-laundering a u.s. senator as demanded an investigation of u.s. women's soccer goalkeeper hopes so senator richard bloom thaws connecticut want to know why saw the she is trying after they are arrested last year for allegedly assaulting her half- sister and nephew of the charges were dropped or prosecutors are
6:40 pm
appealing and the espn report says the soccer officials did not talk to her relatives before deciding that to suspend her the u.s. played her second world cup game tonight against sweden the push for a new nfl stadium in los angeles continues to heat of usa today says the lakers wanted talks soon with the existing stadium and the l.a. area of a temporarily housed in a field team until a new stadium is built the relocation could happen as soon as next year right now the leading candidates contend the l.a. coliseum where fugitive, the raiders until they move back to oakland in 1995 the raiders and chargers are backing a joint statement at carson was could be ready by 2018. >>catherine heenan: they're on a year to year lease at the oakland coliseum if that means they can leave at any time the
6:41 pm
warriors are back in the bay area try to control the final year it takes a look back in game 4 and look ahead to game 5 next. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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6:44 pm
time in cleveland did not come home until this afternoon actually it that is the new bill that do not fly home like most teams the right after the game they went relax the sec is the body of the normal obviously feeling good about themselves from bent down to one get even at the performance last night steve kerr putting andre in a deli in the starting lineup heading down and to focus he ran
6:45 pm
into a camera and someone to blame that note he was better at 22. it would dawdled right now the name mvp that is a good one will was the complaint?
6:46 pm
>>reporter: i love christmas as the next person if it read nothing like all raw core rate up. --for cold arena >>gary: by the the ahead the
6:47 pm
evidence and it hit my broadway is not our major laird this one with the a's pitcher who throws right-handed throws left-handed can place on the fifth 10 lacustrine right shoulder if you're on the disabled list and did they say too much pain been that it goes on to the sable ls everyone getting hurt. they
6:48 pm
checked in and some people said watching once in awhile they heard me say twice hey babe did not know the she was my wife it was cute the was in the main one but they said the gary guy with a wet he i always it is to it to
6:49 pm
committee officials would admit it all changed half and go ahead and do it and instead of the players do it for the coaches they are setting it up for the next call whenever i hear fans the officials are thinking that is it my whole thing in life i do not believe that a lot of people tell me i am wrong pinchot's up and did
6:50 pm
not shake hands and what the side door at is the basketball court. >>gary: is potassium-and said i
6:51 pm
did not once the press you you do not drink and a lot at par 49 chance who are thinking about all those super bowl titles during the montana era but i am telling you to meet people like anyone else in the country to nice if you tend to shy in favor
6:52 pm
of their direction and the warriors and design is a pretty nice to deal with 40 nanas are still finding their way to so if you put the third in the pecking order they have a good year may be that change the right now surprisingly i did not see talk much i was talking at this was not allowed i only talk loud i'm showing off and that is on tv mostly when you show off on tv a lasting one to do was go home and the louder i sit there and say. >>catherine heenan: we have to forecast when we come back to the weekend is finally here.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
>>gabe slate: i had a great mobile application to show up tonight that and repairs to have all the smart phone if the child goes missing we have had the four riders this week and closing a stretch of track could affect week and plans a lot of people. >>terisa estacio >>catherine heenan: they say is critical maintenance but it will be of both bridge trains will be up and running in time for game 5 of the finals on sunday and that the fans are being encouraged to take part will be doing this and warrant a more it will be one more day in the '90s tomorrow before we have a court down it is the seventh forecast 92 mod 90 upper '80s i was set for sunday to look at monday thank you for joining us
6:57 pm
we hope to see you at 8 a connected.
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i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you "the insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. i don't understand the question. >> it's the real controversy. how this blond blue-eyed girl transformed into an african-american social activist. >> i'm the president of the naacp. >> are you white? >> inside this bizarre transracial scandal trending worldwide. even getting more tweets than lebron's flash. then it's miley versus bristol palin. the new celebrity feud of biblical proportions. then watch out j. lo. ur body is stealing your spotlight. >> jennifer's bodyguards are
7:00 pm
hot. >> the hunks protecting hollywood's leading ladies. and the trial of the century revisited. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> how hollywood is recreating the world's most famous criminal case from the white bronco chase to the new look-alike cast. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. >> 21 years to the day since brutally murdered, hollywood relives the trial of the century. the people versus oj simpson. hello, everyone. welcome to "the insider." >> we go inside the star studded mini series in just a bit but a big trending story we're following closely. the naacp controversy creating a massive social media fire storm with one of the organization's leaders accused of lying about her ethnicity. but is it her civil right to cover up her race? >> are you african-american? >> i don't understand the question. >>


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